Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DIY Apothacary Jar

  When I was in Indiana helping my daughter, I was using her much faster internet, (the baby was sleeping and mom was resting)  I found so many decorating blogs I hadn't discovered yet.  When I told my husband this he just gave me the look of, Great now she will have even more ideas, lol.  He is right!! He complains but I know secretly he loves it!! lol

  Anyways I came across all the apothacary jars being made.  And then when I discovered how easy they were, boy did I get excited.  I started planning how I could fit in a thrift store run.  I didn't know how my daughter would think that would be helping her.  Well she needed groceries, yep you know it the wheels started turning.  I graciously offered to take my two year old grandaughter shopping the next day.  Now granted the thrift store is not her favorite but I told her the toy store would be next, (toy store being the Dollar Store which she loves).  I don't think of this as bribery I think of it as a good opportunity to teach her frugality!

  So off to the thrift store we went.  As we were looking through the glassware I found a vase that would go  perfectly on a glass candlestick I had at home.  It was marked sixty cents and then half off.  And then I thought I needed a top for it so we looked for jars with tops I tried a couple on my jar I already had and the second one looked perfect so I put that jar in the cart, fourty cents and then half off, see I am teaching her frugality. 

  For fifty cents I got my jar, spent time with my grandaughter, and saved my husband a project because this is one I didn't need his help on :)  But there always is a next time!!

  Oh and we did get the groceries.




Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My daughters birthday was this past weekend.  So I spent a couple days last week creating some gifts for her. 

I made her two of these cupboard doors to hold her pics with.  She has been wanting to do a galllery wall and I thought these would make a nice start.  She seemed to really like them and they were so fun to make.