Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Today I am showing you my latest project.  I was in need of an end table by one of my chairs, after I moved things around, you know how that is always changing things , enter smiley face, I have always loved this basket and it was put away.  And the little brain got to thinking how to repurpose it.

I found a round piece at the lumber company for very cheap so that made me very happy! I sanded and stained that piece.  I made sure it was a couple inches bigger than the top of my basket.   I sanded the basket down and did some antiquing on it.

And added some farmhouse numbers to it.  Then I glued the round piece to the top of the basket and wala it was done. 

See how lonely that chair would have been.  I love it when something is in your mind and actually turns out once you do it.  As you know that doesn't always happen.