Sunday, May 8, 2016

I had seen this shelf thingy that looked very farmhousy (if that's a word), industrial at a local store but it was $90, I can't do that.  As I was looking at it I realized it was just two crates screwed together with some pieces of metal here and there on it.  I figured I could make it for way less than that.

We needed a different side table to sit by my hubbys recliner and I wanted it to have some storage or decorative space on it.  This piece fit the bill.

I just screwed two crates together after staining them.  I added castors to the bottom so I can move it easily to clean under.  I then added some flat L brackets to some corners.  I just love it and I did it for around $25.  Much cheaper than the one I seen.

Please try to ignore my doggies toy laying there, sorry, and my cords.  The things you don't see when your taking the photos lol.