Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Repurposed valances

I was searching for  some sheer fabric to make some new valances for my dining room.  Then I realized I had some sheers hanging in the guest room and I wanted to redo that room anyway so why not steal the panels from in there and make my new valances.  So I did :) I started cutting, when my hubby walked in he started to say why are you cutting up perfectly good curtains he only got out the why and then said I'm not going to ask. He is soo good lol.  After I made a mess I sewed a pocket for each rod and then I sewed two different poofs I wanted them to look a little ruffled and poofy so I sewed the poofs together and then just tucked up and in wherever I wanted more poof.
 The I had my darling daughter from make me some rosettes to put on them.. She made me three very large ones and then put a small pearl in the center of each one. They made them look so pretty.
   My daughter has her link for her etsy shop where she sells these and other types of rosette projects on her blog.