Friday, December 2, 2011

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Architectural piece turned shelf

I bought this piece at a  yard sale this Summer for $5,  planning on using it on the outside of the new garage.  After the addition was done the wall looked so big to me and I remember seeing on DIY where they had put one of these pieces on as a fireplace mantle.  So I thought why not a shelf on the wall (imagine how excited the hubby was when I mentioned this idea :) NOT)  He kept telling me it would be way too big, not to be detured I went out and got the piece when he was gone and low and behold it was just right.  Which when he came in he did say "wow I'm surprised it does look about right."  YES SCORE!
So after the painting and stenciling he put a weathered board on it for me and attached it to the wall.  And I love it!!  And I love my hubby for putting up with all my ideas. :)

Now it is the perfect spot for my mercury glass!