Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Fall Decorating

 More of my Fall decor.  I just did some small vignettes around the house.

 The last of my real sunflowers from the garden.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Some Fall Decorating

It  doesn't seem like Summer should be over.  I started my Fall decorating.   This is my mantle.  I added a leaf garland and kept my Hydrangeas in the vase they still have good color.  I added some putka pods and acorns and leaves to my jars.  The candle holders were silver and I spray painted them a cram and added two votives to them.  Later on I will put a little pumpkin on top of each one instead of the votives, I am just waiting for my little pumpkins to get the right color.

My porch post in the living room.  This is about all I can do in there as we are remodeling and knocking out a wall soon (Lord willing) so I know everything will be down for that but in the mean time I have to pretty it up. :)  I glittered my crow after this pic it just made him look more like he belonged at my house.