Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer decoration on my dough table

I am getting some summer decorating done on the inside.  There are not many flowers out in my garden yet, but I did have the flowers from my  coral bells and cranesbill geraniums.  They look so delicate in my wire flower container.  I have some faux cookies that I had just gotten from Rose petals and Rust.  They are so beautiful, I put them in one of my decorative jars.  I think I need to order some pink ones now :)
I have some gorgeous tags that I found on etsy in the tall jar.  They have bluebirds and roses on them. my two favorites.  All on my ruffled table runner and under that my vintage dough table that I use as my island.

I added another nest tag on the top of the tall jar, it is in aqua and so pretty.