Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DIY Metal Tiles

I'm back!!  I went on a vaca to see my daughter in Virginia.  Now I'm back wanting to do all kinds of projects.  We will see if my body obeys my mind :)  It seems I always need a vacation after my vacation lol.

Before I left I decided to do this project.  I have been wanting the metal tiles to go behind my stove for a while now but didn't have the funds to get them.  So I had been thinking how could I diy these.  A friend of mine gave me her left over wallpaper.  And then the idea was born, as I said to my hubby I know what I am going to do with this.   Maybe I get a crazed look in my eyes, I don't know, he always looks scared when I say that! :)

Well before I left we did still have quite a bit of snow in our yard, but not to be deterred I went out with my strip of walllpaper and polished nickel spray paint.  I layed my strip on top of the snow (thinking this is good I wont get paint on the lawn)  And I sprayed away, just as a wind came along and this is no joke the piece flew up on my face and literally stuck on on the front of me.  Then I hear histerical laughing from in the house.  Yeh he was watching form the window!

I then got smarter and weighted it down (after I cleaned up).  I brought it inside to dry and then put it up behind my stove.  I love it!!  My friend didn't believe me that it was sprayed wallpaper.  I had to show her where it didn't stick down real good for her to believe me.  Now I have to decide wether to continue all the way around or not hmmmm.