Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My repurposed bowl into vessel sink

For our anniversary my husband was going to make me a vessel sink.  I just had to find the bowl I wanted to use.  That took me two months because I am too cheap to pay two hundred for a metal bowl when I always see cool ones at Goodwill or Salvation Army stores (until I am actually looking for one).  This pic is my before, not pretty the sink is plastic and had melted spots on it and the faucet was nasty.  Excuse my mess please :)

I finally found a hammered metal bowl at a thrift store for .95 cents I was thrilled.  My hubby built me a butcher block top and stained it in a dark walnut and added the bowl and new faucet.  I am not sure wether I will paint the vanity bottom or not yet.  If you have an idea let me know. :)

What a wonderful husband I have !!