Monday, August 15, 2011

Ruffling the bedroom

Ruffling I am not sure if that's a word :) I have been trying to redo my bedroom some.  It was painted a soft pink (I know I have a wonderful hubby) It was a color I chose when I was tired and we were trying to just get things done and get in the house, not  a good idea to choose colors you have to live with at that point.  Anyways I painted two of the walls this week a very light gray.  And then I made a ruffled thingy for the end of the bed just for decoration.  Then I made some ruffled pillow shams all in white.  I found the large gray rose pillow at Homegoods in VA and the small pillow I found at a thrift store in Va.  I want to make a white ruffled shade for the window yet.  
Now I am onto trying to start other projects that are in my head and have to get to my hands :) in between canning tomatoes and company coming.  This summer has been busy and going way too fast.