Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm back,  We have done a little remodeling here.  More like we just changed some things around.  We cut a hole in the wall of our kitchen to fit the fridge inside.  For three years I have tried talking the hubby into covering the fridge with something.  He finally thought it a good idea, so I ran with it and I mean fast before he changed his mind. :)  Excuse the ugly before pics.

Then a pic of the fridge covered in white beadboard.
And now the wall decorated, which is totally different now from this pic lol

I will post a pic in a couple of days of how it looks now.  My hubby had an accident since all this and knocked my shelves off the wall and shattered all the apothacary jars.  Yes there were tears.  But all is fine now :)  We are also working on the little room off of the kitchen trying to make it cute.