Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ornament Tree

Hi today I am sharing my ornament tree I made.  I seen some of these on Pinterest and just loved each one.  I didn't have a pallet like all the ones I seen.  But I didn't know if I wanted one that big anyway being as I have a small home.  I just took three slats of wood I had leftover from another project and nailed them together from the back.

Then I drew my rectangle on the wood and started just gluing the ornamnts on.  It is kind of like a puzzle you just keep gluing and moving the different sizes and colors around.

This is before I found what I wanted for the trunk.

 And after I figured out what I was going to use.  Just some bark paper with a little glitter on it.

I just love this it's so pretty the photos do not do it justice.
Have a Blessed and relaxing Thanksgiving Day.  Enjoy your family and all the blessings God has given you this year.

Monday, November 23, 2015

One sweater , Four projects

I don't know about you, but I have been getting ready for the holidays.  My hubby wanted to decorate early for Christmas so we have been busy doing that. 
 And I have been gettin my craft on :), seriously I haven't done craft projects in quite a while.  It's been fun!!

I bought a sweater at goodwill recently for $1.99 that I thought would make a cool pillow for winter.  And then I had leftovers so I was able to make a wreath, candles sleeves and an ornament from the same material.  Here is the sweater minus the sleeves already cut off:

Here is the pillow on the couch:

And here are the candle sleeves, I even able to use the buttons off the sweater.  I love repurposing.

And here is the wreath.  I was able to find things I already had to decorate it.

And finally the ornament.  
 I am going to tuck it in my wooden box
 my hubby made me on the table.

I have a few more projects I have been working on too that I will post soon.  We are so ready to start celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.  Especially since my hubbys biopsy came back with zero rejection for the heart this time.  No hospital stay during the holidays this year.  God is so good!!
Have a wonderful day!!!