Thursday, May 26, 2011

Old Window Redo

This is actually something I did a few years ago.  My hubby had bought me some roses and I hated to just throw them away after they were done blooming, sometimes they come few and far between :). 
 So I dried them and dug out one of my old windows from my stash.  I painted it white, and then found some old paneling for the back and painted that white too.  I then Hot glued the roses on the backing and then some spanish moss along the bottom for more texture.  And then my hubby screwed the back on the window and put a hanger on it for me. He is so good :)

It still looked a little plain to me so I added a piece of old lace I had, did I mention I am obsessed with old lace, seriously its bad! Then I thought it needed a little bling (don't we all) so I put a dragonfly on it that had some pretty stones on it.
So far we have made each of our girls one and they love them for their homes too.   Fun to do if you have an old window sitting around and someone to buy you roses.


  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and sending me a message. I hear that blogger is having issues with comments so that might be why you had troubles. I appreciate the email!!
    This old window shadow box idea is very neat! I love how you put dried roses in there and I do LOVE the dragonfly!
    Very nice stuff!

  2. This window is so pretty. It looks lovely as does every post here! I have enjoyed perusing several of your older posts! Nice stopping by!

    Kindly, Lorraine


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